Report from Thursday 4th

Opening session (16.15hr)
A great start in the season opener at the Mercure City of Perth Master 2018. Within minutes of the last stone draw, the houses were full of yellow and red stones, forcing the teams to think twice before making up their minds: on the next draw, hard hit to clean up or to take a risk with confidence.

At first most teams chose to draw. Sweepers were instructed and the results were overall according to the skips wishes. The exception to the rule was the young Team Craik, Scotland, who produced two blank ends and were patient enough to wait to score their first points. This game was watched by a impressed crowd. It was their first time at the Masters, their place gained because of their achievement at the Under 21’s. Their focussed play meant that Team Attinger, Switzerland, were kept sharp at all times. A score of three followed by a steal of one, wasn’t enough for Craik to be proud of today: the last stone cleaned the house of reds and and they stayed with four. A team to keep an eye on.

Other games were even closer. You could feel the tension when, after 6 ends, the unpredictable games were really close. However, Team Ramsjfell and team MacDonald proved to be better this draw. The last one needed an extra end for that.

It is wonderful to see so many experienced teams. This event is a good practice for Worlds of Olympics. So we see teams Ulsrud, Morozumi and Edin starting modest and read the ice. Than getting in the game and scoring and stealing as the viewers expect.

Evening draw (20.30hrs)
The second draw of the day started with some surprises. Team Bryce manage to score a five-house in the first end. While the sheet next to them team Simmons scored a decent four. The public gots what it came for. At times the house in the games between Smith and Mellemseter was pretty full, which ended in a steal of three. The team stayed focused all night with satisfying result.

Also very determined was the Italian team, Retornaz. Hard work from the German team made it interesting to watch, until a surprising sixth end giving the Italians four ahead. Germany gave up.
A good fight was delivered by team Kubeska, trying to get rising team De Cruz tired. They almost succeeded in that, just could not translate it in scores.

The Mabergs/Schwaller game ended in favour of the Swiss without the need for an extra end but Timofeev against Drummond was more unpredictable. The Russia team took the Scots to an extra end after scoring a 1 at the 8th – but then went down (4-6).