Friday’s play (5th January)

FRIDAY 0800hrs – session

When you’ve played against a strong team, and have the misfortune to drop just that one vital point, means a very early start the next morning. So, rise and shine, preferably ready to perform even better, and that’s just what this morning’s teams did.
Teams Stjerne and Yves Hess got their sweepers on the job right away and started with steals. With confidence, Team Hess cleaned up the house that Team van Dorp had built. The skills of the both teams was apparent in their display of hits, draws, runbacks and great creativity.
Team Mabergs impressed with an immediate big five, putting them in a comfortable position and won out in only 6 ends.

Steady play from Team Timofeev who kept Czech Team Kubeska working hard, end after end.
Teams Stjerne and Mellemseter gave each other not much. Despite a steal from Stjerne, a score of two in end four just made Mellemseter the win.

As team Baumann started the game with four, team Taylor weren’t satisfied with small scores. It payed off in scoring to and stealing. But the experienced German team stayed low and played safe.
Plaining against Attinger, Mouat seemed in control, but it just slipped away from him at the last moment. A emphatic 3 at the eight ensured Attinger’s win.