WCF rules will be used throughout the tournament subject to the following modifications:

  1. All games will be 8 ends throughout the competition. Minimum 6 ends
    to be played on televised sheets, no minimum for rest of games.
  2. The free guard zone will apply in all games using the 5 stone rule.
  3. 1st team named in draw shall play Red stones and have 1st practice/LSD, except first game for each Mens team (see rule 4).
  4. For each Mens team’s first game a coin toss will determine 1st/2nd practice, stone colour as per scoreboards.
  5. Practice consists of one stone thrown to the home end.
  6. LSD: 1st team chooses rotation, 2nd team MUST play opposite rotation. Any player can throw the LSD.
  7. If both teams LSD is equal, a coin toss will decide Hammer but the measurement will stand for total LSD.
  8. Mens: Best 4 of the 5 LSDs will count towards total for ranking.
  9. Ladies: Best 3 of the 4 LSDs will count towards total for ranking.
  10. In the event of a drawn game one extra end will be played. If the teams remain level after the extra end, one draw to the button by a nominated player will determine the winner.
  11. If a team runs out of time on games under time clocks then they lose the game, although the LSD result will stand for ranking (if required).
  12. In games under time clocks, no time outs are allowed but teams will be given additional thinking time instead, ie 32 minutes for 8 ends and 5 minutes for an extra end.
  13. Teams will be ranked in their sections based on WCF Rule C9(b) – most wins, head to head result(s) if equal wins, then LSD if required.
  14. Once teams are ranked choice of Hammer and stone colour will follow current WCF rules.
  15. Mens: top teams in the section plus the 2nd place teams advance to the
    quarter finals. If needed one tiebreak game per section in Draw 12.
  16. Ladies: teams will be ranked in their sections based on rule 13 above. No tiebreak games will be played.
  17. Ladies: The top 2 ranked teams in each section will be ranked against each other 1-6 in a new group based on WCF Rule C9(b) – most wins, head to head result (if applicable), then LSD if required (again best 3 from 4 LSD). The teams ranked 1 and 2 in this new group will qualify direct to the semifinals. The team ranked 3-6 will play in the quarter finals.
  18. The correct WCF Policies and Rules for Brush Heads and Brushing will apply.
  19. Rules on discipline/conduct will follow the current Scottish Curling rules (copy included in Welcome Pack) as well as Perth Masters Code of Conduct.


Chief Umpire: David Imlay
Deputy Chief Umpire: Alan Stanfield
Chief Timer: Graeme Prophet
Deputy Chief Timer: Harold Forrester