WCF rules will be used throughout the tournament subject to the following modifications:

  1. In the event of a dispute the decision of the Chief Umpire will be final.
  2. All games will be 8 ends throughout the competition.
  3. During the triple knockout stages the winner of the coin toss has the choice between stone colour and 1st practice/ LSD or choice of side of sheet for draw to the button and 2nd practice/LSD.
  4. Throughout the knockout stages of play A Road qualifiers will have the advantage of last stone at the first end when playing B or C Road qualifiers. B Road qualifiers will have similar advantage when playing C Road qualifiers.
  5. In the event of a drawn game, one extra end will be played. If the teams remain level after the extra end, one draw to the button by a nominated member of each team will determine a winner.

WCF Policies and Rules for Brush Heads and Brushing (updated 15 November 2016) were applied at the 2017 Perth Masters and in subsequent competitions.


The Perth Masters Committee have been approached to allow the use of one way recording technology by a team during its games. We are aware this has been used on occasions at other competitions. Equally we are aware of the WCF policy of not permitting electronic communication during games by teams: Rule R10(c).  However, as a training aid the Committee are prepared to allow any team that wishes to use recording equipment during its games with the following conditions:

  1. One or more players may wear microphones to record team conversations during a game but the microphones must be set for one way communication i.e. player to equipment operator only.
  2. No team personnel (equipment operator) can use recordings heard to communicate directly or indirectly to the team or its coach(s) during the game.
  3. Coaches are not permitted to operate the equipment.
  4. Coaches are not allowed access to the recordings until after the game is finished.

If any of those conditions are broken then the allowance to use this technology will be immediately withdrawn by the Committee.

Alan Stanfield, David Imlay and Colin Melrose.