Live Webcasts from Perth Masters

Two games will be broadcast on Friday and Saturday on Sheet D – and there will be coverage on Sunday of the quarters, semis and final games. A highlights package will be broadcast next week on STV 2.

Live 3pm:

Final: Team Brewster (Sco) v Team Walstad (Nor)

Semi Final

Team Brewster (Sco) v Team Baumann (Ger)

MacDonald v Ulsrud (Quarter Final Match)

T. Brewster v E. MacDonald

T Ulsrud (Nor) v T.Brewster (Sco)

J van Drop (Ned) v D.Murdoch (Sco)

Team Eskilsson (SWE) vs Team Hardie (SCO)

Thursday 5th January at 8.30pm

Björn Jungen (Swe) v Bruce Mouat (Sco)

Thursday 5th January, at 4.15pm.

THURSDAY 5th January 2017

4.15pm – Tom Brewster (Sco) v Kristian Foss (Nor)

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Archive viewing – from 2016

Last year’s games are available to view here

FINAL – K Koe (Can) v winner of Ulsrud (Nor)

1015 – Team Heidt v Team Rantamaki
1330 – Team Kisskinen v Team ZipUP
1545 – De Crz (Swi) v K Koe (Can)

1115 – Tomi Bantamaki (Fin) v Thomas Ulsrud (Nor)
1700 – B Finals – Live Webcast
2000 – C Finals – Live Webcast

0900 – 1/4 Finals – Live Webcast
1200 – Semi Finals – Live Webcast
1500 – Final – Live Webcast

Webcast coverage is supported by CCT and RCCC

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